The Psychic Arts License Requirement

Psychic Arts License Las Vegas

The specific Psychic Arts License is required in Las Vegas / Clark County, NV for the following services:

  • Tarot Card / Playing Card Readers – Cartomancy
  • Psychic / Intuitive Readers
  • Spiritualist
  • Phrenology – The Study of the Skull
  • Life Reading
  • Fortune Telling
  • Clairvoyance / Clairaudience
  • Tea Leaf/Coffee Ground Readers
  • Crystal Gazing – Seeing Events
  • Prophecy – Predicting the Future
  • Augury – The Study of Omens/Dreams
  • Divination – Applying Intuition to Omens/Events/Dreams
  • Magic
  • Necromany – Sorcery, Witchcraft, Black Magic
  • Numerologists – Study of Numbers
  • Palmists – Study of lines on the Hands/Thumbs/Knuckles
  • Mediums – Messages from the Other Side
  • Astrologers – Study of Planets/Horoscopes
  • Hypnotists

The specific Psychic Arts license is required to be placed in the office of the reader where the majority of sessions are conducted. The fee charged must be posted in letters that are at least one inch high in a conspicuous location.