Common Cons by unlicensed Readers

Las Vegas Psychic Arts License

Be aware of readers that tell you that there’s something wrong with you that only he or she can fix.  Below is a list of the common cons:

  • You are told that you have negative energy or a curse
  • You are told someone else has placed a curse upon you
  • You are told you need a love spell or you will never be loved
  • You are told that a love spell will bring someone back
  • You are told you need to counter-curse someone
  • You are told that you have a “hole” in your Karma
  • You are told that there’s a curse or bad energy connected to your money.
  • You are told that you are about to get sick
  • You are told that there is a disaster about to happen to you or a loved one
  • You are told that someone is suffering “on the other side”
  • Please read “Red Flags” page

With any of the above, the unethical reader will typically ask you for additional money…from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. If any reader you visit brings up any of the above, immediately end the session and leave.

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