The Red Flags regarding Psychic Readers

Las Vegas Psychic, Mona Van Joseph

Red Flags when encountering or considering a psychic reader. This is a partial list, because the manipulations can be subtle and creative:

  • You are approached by a friendly stranger in a high-end department store who comments on your “energy”
  • Someone starts to “read” you without your permission at a swap meet, grocery store, or in the cosmetic department at any store
  • Does not have a website
  • Does not have a commercial business address
  • If there is a website, there are no pictures of the actual reader or the pictures are blurry, hair in front of the person’s face or picture is from a distance
  • Insists on cash only transactions 
  • You are referred to someone and can’t find the person on the Internet
  • The reader does not have an office space and suggests meeting in a coffee shop, or a visit to your home
  • Business cards for readers left on your vehicle
  • Those who advertise on telephone poles
  •  Con Artists that post a Five Star review on another reader’s business profile and are advertising love spells, money spells and evil eye curses
  • You can’t find their business/name listed through the business license search
  • Licensed Readers typically charge fees equivalent to a spa treatment at one of the major Las Vegas Resorts – be wary of someone who charges too little for a reading
  • The reader won’t allow you to record the session

Once in the reading at the office:

  • The Psychic Arts License and fee for session is not posted conspicuously in the office space
  • The reader doesn’t identify your issues quickly
  • You feel uncomfortable (your intuition is telling you that something is not right)
  • The reader asks a lot of questions
  • Will tell you that recording the reading is not allowed “by Spirit”
  • The reader asks you personal information that does not apply to the reading, i.e. Social Security Number, Birthdate, Drivers License Number, and/or Home Address
  • You are told you have a curse, bad energy or need a spell of some sort (see common cons)
  • You are asked to write a positive review, or the reader will cast a curse on you

Find a Psychic Arts Licensed Reader Here

What to ask a Reader before you book a session – Specific to Las Vegas, NV

  1. Do you have the Psychic Arts License?
  2. Where is your office?
  3. How long have you been reading for people?
  4. What is your website?
  5. What are your fees?
  6. If I book a session with you, may I record the session?
  7. What type of reading is your specialty?
  8. May my friend (husband, mom, sister, etc.) sit in with me for the reading?
  9. Do you think there is such a thing as curses, evil eye casting, or love spells? (If the person is a con artist, they will typically end the call with you at this point or tell you in a very exaggerated way that you may need a curse removal or spell.)

This is ALWAYS a way to con you out of money by using fear as motivation.