The Red Flags regarding Psychic Readers

Las Vegas Psychic, Mona Van Joseph

Red Flags when encountering or considering a psychic reader. This is a partial list, but points out the most important things to consider:

  • You are approached by a friendly stranger in a high-end department store who comments on your “energy”
  • Someone starts to “read” you without your permission at a swap meet, grocery store, or in the cosmetic department at any store
  • You are referred to someone and can’t find the person on the Internet
  • The reader does not have an office space and suggests meeting in a coffee shop, or a visit to your home
  • Business cards for readers left on your vehicle
  • Those who advertise on telephone poles
  • You can’t find their business/name listed through the business license search
  • Licensed Readers typically charge fees equivalent to a spa treatment at one of the major Las Vegas Resorts – be wary of someone who charges too little for a reading
  • The reader won’t allow you to record the session

Once in the reading at the office:

  • The Psychic Arts License and fee is not posted conspicuously in the office space
  • The reader doesn’t identify your issues quickly
  • You feel uncomfortable (not engaged or interested)
  • The reader asks a lot of questions
  • The reader asks you personal information that does not apply to the reading, i.e. Social Security Number, Birthdate, Drivers License Number, and/or Home Address
  • You are told you have a curse or bad energy (see common cons)

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