Finding a Good Psychic Reader

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Looking for a good psychic reader in Las Vegas ? Here are some things to consider when seeking a professional intuitive:

  • Read reviews on the Internet (look at when the reviews were posted. A lot of recent reviews over short period of time might mean the reviews were purchased by a service and not organic, authentic reviews)
  • Read responses (by the owner) of any negative reviews (not every reader is the right fit for every person but all negative reviews should be addressed)
  • Referrrals from friends (probably the best way to find a reader is the positive experience retold by a friend)
  • Make sure the reader uses his or her real name (this is very important because a reader that uses his or her actual name is more likely to be ethical)
  • Look for pictures of the reader (be suspicious if there are no pictures of the person claiming to do the reading)
  • The reader specializes in a specific skill
  • Check for a website (if there is no website, the person is probably not licensed, again look for professionalism, just like any other business)
  • Check for a local phone number (if no local number, it may be a pay per minute psychic hotline)
  • Has a good local presence on the Internet
  • Check how long the reader has been in business
  • Your first impression is positive
  • A good reader will not try to talk you into having a reading. See how the reader reacts if you’re unsure about scheduling a session.
  • A Business/Commercial address easily found on the Internet; most licensed professionals in Las Vegas do not work out of his/her home (or suggest to visit you at your residence). There are exceptions, please verify.
  • Check for The Psychic Arts License* (This license cannot be shared, it will be listed specifically under the reader’s name and Business name)

*You can search on line to see if the reader has the Psychic Arts License through the Business License Search. The License is typically listed under the reader’s name:

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